Your reseller portal allows you to utilize and manage all the capabilities of the WebForce platform:

  • Advertise products & services
  • Sign up new account
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Create packages, set pricing, and bundle with value-added services
  • Collect payments
  • Manage email hosting
  • View user statistics
  • View your billing details
The reseller portal site comes pre-loaded with basic content, so you can get started right away. Your default pages include: design previews, feature descriptions, support links, sample pricing, and more. The portal is also the primary login point for you, and your customers.

While logged into admin view of your reseller portal site, you can manage your Accounts, Packages, Statistics and Invoices by clicking: Left Menu > Manage Accounts. The Accounts Management area will open in a pop-up window.

The Sites management section will open by default, allowing a view of all website accounts under the reseller label. Click on the links at top left to manage different aspects of your services: