With the a la Carte Application Billing feature you can set monthly pricing for individual applications, for clients which are paying via the Authorize.net gateway. They will be able to buy these application at the price you set, and our billing system will automatically charge their credit card every month.

The per-application pricing can be configured on existing packages or it can be added in new ones. The application/editions that you choose to be paid for your customers will be visible only to clients using the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Package Configuration
To enable the a la carte billing for applications, you first have to set the price for each application you want to be paid. This is done from the Package Editor, where for each application/edition you can specify what price your clients should pay for it each month (you can see 0.00 and the application will be free of charge for your client).

Installation Process
Once a customer using the Authorize.Net payment gateway chooses to install an application that has a price defined in the package editor, they will be prompted to confirm the application purchase.34

Clients are asked to enter the CVV of their credit card on file to confirm the application purchase

Each paid application comes with a 14-day free trial after the first install. If the application is de-installed before the trial period is over, your clients and you will not be charged.

Billing For Applications
1. Your customers will be billed for all installed paid applications once a month on their subscription billing day.
2. For annual subscription, the applications will be charged monthly on the same day they pay their annual subscription.
3. If the payment fails, after several retry attempts, the billing system will un-install all paid applications.
4. Your customers will not pay for application that have been un-install within 2 weeks after the first installation (during the trial period).

My Account shows your customers what they will pay this month, as well as what they have paid in the past for applications.

You will be billed at the whole-sale price only for the applications you received a payment from your clients, and for applications that have been installed via an Access token or are included for free in the package.