The Billing tab of the reseller accounts management dashboard provides a breakdown of billable accounts and add-on features.

  • Invoices: Monthly charges summary (Click a Date to see a detailed Monthly Invoice breakdown).
  • Plan: Reseller Plan (billable rate)
  • Applications: Applications pricing list


Monthly Invoice breakdown

A. A summary of billable items is presented in the upper section of the Monthly Invoice breakdown.

  • Date: billing calculation date
  • Package: Reseller package 
  • Accounts: Breakdown of billable accounts (by type)
  • Extra Storage: Extra storage usage
  • Support: White label support enabled accounts
  • Email Packs: Email hosting enabled accounts
  • Email Stamps: N/A
  • Applications: Applications usage (by app)
  • Total Fee: Total monthly fees

Click on the Details links to see a more detailed breakdown of each section.

B. The lower section of the Monthly Invoice breakdown provides a detailed list of fees assessed per-account by username.

  • Product: Reseller Product Name
  • Accounts: Breakdown of billable accounts
  • Accounts With Extra Used Storage: Extra storage usage
  • Accounts With White Label Support: White label support enabled accounts
  • Email Packs: Email hosting enabled accounts
  • Email Stamps Packs: N/A
  • Installed Applications: Applications usage (by app name & username)

Click on the More Info links to see a detailed breakdown of each section.


NOTE: When using the following billable objects:  

  • Accounts: Billable according to the reseller plan rate, and account level (Silver or Gold) on a monthly basis.
  • Extra Storage: Extra storage will be billed for each additional gigabyte above 1GB per account.
  • Email Packs: As soon as a domain is inserted in the Domains tab in your reseller overview admin area, the specified number of email boxes allowed for the domain will be considered billable regardless of being used or not. If you don't want to use email hosting for a particular domain, make sure you specify it is going to use either "Gmail hosting" or contact WebForce Support to disable the email accounts for the particular domain.
  • Applications: Billable apps installed and uninstalled in the same month will still be considered billable. For example: If an app was "installed & uninstalled" on 12 November, it will be billable in December.
  • Support: White label support can be enabled either per account or per a batch of accounts.