The Page Settings menu allows to define the page appearance and restrict access to the current page. You can also set a number of other options including the Page Name, Page Image, Page URL, and Columns.

To access Page Settings, click on the Pages menu, then click on the cogwheel icon on the respective page tab. 

The Page Name appears just inside the top section of the Page Details panel. The Page Name is the text displayed at the top of the page and usually tells the reader what that specific page is about. It is also used to identify the page in Pages panel.

Below the Page name are listed details about the page size and date the page was last modified.

Under More Options section you can modify the Page URL, Page Title, page keywords and description used for SEO.

Under Appearance you can select the color theme of the page, the layout of the page, or enable disable optional page element such as title, secondary navigation. Those vary depending on the design. You can also split the main content area of the site into columns.

In Social Tools section you can choose sharing image, sharing title and sharing description. Those will display if you share the site on social media such as Facebook.

In Access control section you can restrict the access to the page by password and by member group. When a visitor access the page with restricted access they will see an "Authorized access required" page and a password field where they need to type the password in order to view the page.