• (no parameters required)

Returns environment information about your current browser connection:
   "remote_addr": "<your IP>",
   "location": {
         "country_code"   : "<country code like US>",
         "country_name"   : "<country name like United States>",
         "region"         : "<region/state like CA>",
         "city"           : "<city like San Francisco>"      
   "date_time": "<YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS>"


  • "file" or "url"

This API call is used to upload digital assets from a local computer or from an external address onto the WebForce servers. The idea of this call is to be used from a form submission (with a type="file" input field) where the name of the form field should be named as "file". Another option is with an AJAX call by specifying a URL to be downloaded onto the cluster of servers.

   "url": "a temporary URL that can be used in other API calls",
   "content_length": "<size of the digital asset>"


  • auth_token
  • daid

Returns information about a digital asset on our servers
   "url": "<the URL of the digital asset>",
   "content_length": "<file size of the digital asset>"