A. Default packages

1. FB - Forum / Blog Account: Limited feature package used for Forum/Blog profiles. Includes access to the Blank design, 200K storage. Accounts on this package are not billable.

2. ALL - Business Account 1 GB: Full-featured billable package that does not expire.

3. ALL-SUPPORT - Business Account 1GB support: Full-featured billable package that does not expire. Includes white-label support (applicable fees apply).

4. TRIAL7 - 7 day Trial: Full-featured non-billable Trial package with 7 day expiration date.

5. TRIAL14 - 14 day Trial: Full-featured non-billable Trial package with 14 day expiration date.

6. TRIAL30 - 30 day Trial: Full-featured non-billable Trial package with 30 day expiration date.

7. LANG - LANG: Full-featured billable package - designed for additional Language accounts that are attached to a primary account. No expiration.

*These default packages may not be edited or removed.


B. Private packages

You can also create your own private packages and assign each website you have to the appropriate package, depending on what your customer is paying for. To start adding packages, enter the Admin area of your reseller site, rollover the Control Panel  icon and choose Manage Accounts. Click the Packages link on top and chooseAdd Package. You can enable any combination of features for each of your packages.


C. Trial and expiration packages

While finalizing your list of packages, make sure you designated one of your packages (default or private) as your trial package, and another - as your expiration package.

The trial package is the default package to which all new accounts you create will be assigned. You can set the default TRIAL 30 package as your trial package and thus avoid being charged for your demo accounts. Or, you can create your own trial package and set it as your default trial package. Those trial accounts, however, will enter your monthly bill. 

  • To set a package as your trial package click the 'set as trial package' icon  next to it. The trial icon will then become blue .
  • The expiration package is the package to which your accounts will be automatically reverted if they canceled their payment, or if their payment expired and they do not wish to renew. If you do not define an expiration package - the accounts with expired subscription will be automatically put on hold (they won't be able to log into the sites admin). 
  • To mark some package as the expiration package, click the 'set as expiration package' icon  next to it. The expiration icon will then become blue .


D. Billable packages

At the beginning of each month you will be billed for the accounts using packages different than, TRIAL 7, TRIAL 14, TRIAL 30, FB and your reseller portal. You also have 1 additional non-billable account that you can use for demo, support, etc purposes. So make sure you deleted any unneeded sites and assigned appropriate packages to the rest of them before your monthly statement is issued.