Code from your application that's executed within a WebForce popup environment may need to look uniform with other standard WebForce popups.

The popups have 2 basic elements:

  • content — where all the available options are displayed in a free manner
  • stripe of buttons

The content is usually a form with fields. The easiest way is to have a number of <fieldset> tags with the fields inside in the following format:


         <div class="label"><label>Name</label></div>
         <div class="field"><input type="text" name="Name"></div>


These will be formatted in a way so they look as part of WebForce's core functionality. 

The stripe of buttons is usually at the bottom of the popup. In order to have them formatted the way they should use the following construction:

  <div class="buttons-box" id="buttons"></div> 

The "id" of the <div> is not mandatory, but it's nice to have it when later the buttons are injected there. The buttons are created using a JavaScript utility SK.App.Popup which is available in every popup where an application code is executed.