The class SK.UI.Collapsibles allows you to create and retrieve collapsible sections as in the Left Menu and Right Panel (Inline Editor).

Preview of Left Menu   Preview of Right Panel (Inline Editor)


Include Resource Files

Please note that the file dependencies files may already exist in the environment and you may not need to include these.

  • /Shared/UIComponents/Internal/Collapsibles
    • css/collapsibles.css
      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/Collapsibles/css/collapsibles.css">
    • Scripts/collapsibles.js
      <script type="text/javascript" src="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/Collapsibles/Scripts/collapsibles.js"></script>


Default Options

Name Description Type Default Value
slide Slide FX options - for more information check Mootools docs Object {duration: 200, resetHeight: true}
expand Which of the sections to be displayed as expanded. Starts at 1, if set to 0 all sections will be collapsed. Number 1
collapsed Whether or not to display all sections as collapsed Boolean true
container_class Section element class - Section Group Container String(Class) sk-collapsible-container
section_class Section element class - Section String(Class) sk-collapsible-section
caption_class Section element class - Caption String(Class) sk-collapsible-caption
content_class Section element class - Content String(Class) sk-collapsible-content
expanded_class Section element class - Expanded section String(Class) expanded
collapsed_class Section element class - Collapsed section String(Class) collapsed


Default Container and Sections

The container and sections create the HTML. The container property is set to "null" by default. It refers to Section group container. The sections property represents an array. It lists all sections in a section group.



Name Description Parameters Returns
initSections Goes through all sections based on specified class. If called again it will initialize section behavior only to elements that are not processed already (new elements) - undefined
getSectionCaption Retrieves caption element in a section. DOMElement (section) DOMElement (The caption element in this section)
getSectionElement Get a element by a specified element inside of the given section. If the requested element doesn't exist it will be created based on the position DOMElement (section), String (element_class), String (position) DOMElement (The requested element)
getSectionByOrder Get section element by displayed order (starting from 0) Number (number) DOMElement
getSections Get list of all sections - Array
hideAll Hides all sections - -
showAll Shows all sections - -
hide Hides section Object (container) undefined
show Shows sections Object (container) undefined




  • Creating a simple Collapsibles UI dynamically with SK.UI.Collapsibles:
new SK.UI.Collapsibles( 'my-collapsibles', {
   slide : {
      duration : 1000
   collapsed : false


  • Creating a simple Collapsibles UI with existing DOMElelements:
<!-- Resource files -->
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/Collapsibles/css/collapsibles.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/Shared/UIComponents/Internal/Collapsibles/Scripts/collapsibles.js"></script>

<!-- HTML -->
<div id="my-collapsibles">
   <div class="sk-collapsible-section">
      <div class="sk-collapsible-caption">
         First caption
      <div class="sk-collapsible-content">
         First section content.
      <div class="sk-collapsible-section">
      <div class="sk-collapsible-caption">
         Second caption
      <div class="sk-collapsible-content">
         Second section content.

<!-- JavaScript -->
<script type="text/javascript">
   new SK.UI.Collapsibles( 'my-collapsibles' );