The implementation of a custom design with Design Pro is accomplished in just two steps
1. Build and style the design layout
Using the Layout Editor, you create the basic site "grid" which defines the position of the different client editable areas such as Logo, Main Navigation, Content Areas - this is called the site layout. You can style the different parts of the layout by setting different style properties like width, height, padding and margins, background color and background images, etc for the various content elements and containers (building blocks of the layout). Watch the Layout Editor Introduction
2. Define text styles, navigation panels appearance and other site styles
Using the Style Editor, you define the appearance of all text styles (fonts, sizes, colors), navigation panels and other content elements of the design such as Sections, Galleries, Blog, Forms and so on. Watch the Style Editor Introduction
Optional items when creating a new design include
3. Create a stock image library
You can set up a library of page images from which your client can select the header image for each page. More about the Stock Image Library
4. Add additional color themes and page layouts
Design Pro designs can feature multiple layouts for home, inside and splash pages for example. As well as multiple color themes, which can be used to color code different parts of the site and navigation. More about Color Themes and Page Layouts