Location Formats

Location Abbreviation
United States US
Canada CA
United Kingdom UK
Australia AU
New Zealand NZ
South Africa ZA
Mexico MX
Spain ES
Mexico MX
India IN
Ireland IE
France FR
Slovenia SI
Bulgaria BG
Netherlands DU
Danmark DK
Indonesia ID
Brazil BR
Greece GR


Date and Time Formats

Format Example
full_date_fmt Wednesday, March 18, 2015
long_date_fmt March 18, 2015
date_fmt Mar 18, 2015
short_date_fmt 3/18/2015
time_fmt 10:00 PM
time_sec_fmt 10:00:00 PM
time_zone_fmt 10:00:00 PM EET
currency USD, MXN, EUR


Variables for custom date/time format

Variable Description
$WEEKDAY$ the full day of the week (Monday)
$WD$ the short day of the week (Wed)
$YEAR$ the full 4-digit year
$YR$ the 2-digit year
$MONTH$ the full name of the month
$MNT$ the abbreviation of the month
$MN$ the numeric month (11)
$0M$ the zero-padded month (06)
$D$ the day of the month (8)
$0D$ zero padded day of the month (08)
$H$, $H12$ the hour in 12h range
$H24$ the hour in 24h range
$M$ Minutes (31)
$S$ Seconds (55)
$AMPM$ the AM/PM suffix
$AM.PM$ the A.M/P.M suffix with dots
$TIMEZONE$ the full time zone (Pacific Standard Time)
$TZ$ Time zone abbreviations (PST)
$UTC$ UTC offset of time zone



The SK.Util.DateTime is class that provides the following methods in order to use SK Date and Time formating.

Name Description Parameters Returns
format Performs date/time formatting using date and time formats or variables. Mixed (date to be formatted), Mixed (format to use) String
formatUTC Performs date/time formatting in UTC time using date and time formats or variables. Mixed (date to be formatted), Mixed (format to use) String
validate Whether or not date is in a specific format. Mixed (date to be validated), Mixed (format for validation) Boolean
parseInput Returns the date into standard date format returned by new Date(). Mixed (date to be parsed), Mixed (format it is using date and time formats or variables) Object (Date)
setDefaultFormat Usign specific date/time format as default using date and time formats or variables. Mixed (date to be set as default) -
nowUTC Returns the date and time in UTC time. - Object (Date)


The SK.Util.Currency provides the following methods.

Name Description Parameters Returns
formatSymbol Performs currency formatting. Mixed (the price value to format), String (the currency), String (the position of the symbol according to the price) String (Formatted price)
getInfo Finds currency in a list (needs to be predefined in object) and returns array with information about the currency. String (currency abbreviation), Object (holding information about currencies) Array

The SK.Util.Language method provides the site language. It can have parameter <string< i=""> (holding the language) and it will return it even when different than the site language.</string<>


// Returns 3/27/2015
SK.Util.DateTime.format( '2015-03-27', 'short_date_fmt' );

// Returns Friday, 27 March
SK.Util.DateTime.formatUTC( new Date(), '$WEEKDAY$, $D$ $MONTH$' );

// Returns Tue Mar 27 2001 00:00:00 GMT+0300 (EEST)
SK.Util.DateTime.parseInput( 'Friday, 27 March', '$WEEKDAY$, $D$ $MONTH$' );

// Returns false
SK.Util.DateTime.validate( 'Friday, 27 March', 'full_date_fmt' );

// Returns undefined and sets the needed format as default
SK.Util.DateTime.setDefaultFormat( 'short_date_fmt' );

// Returns the current date and time in UTC time - Fri Mar 27 2015 15:07:26 GMT+0200 (EET)

// Returns formatted price EUR200
SK.Util.Currency.formatSymbol('200', 'EUR', 'left');

//Returns site language EN