Yes, you can have sub-resellers under your label.

To setup a new sub-reseller account, please reach out to our support team.


  1. The information you enter in the form (company/product name, and support email) are used throughout the system emails sent on account signup, activation, deletion, etc.

  2. The "A" record for the sub-resellers domain name should be setup to point to

  3. We'll setup the sub-reseller within two business days at no charge.

  4. The sub-reseller portal will be configured will have and an Accounts Management interface, and will include all default system pages (quick login, account upgrade, signup, login area, etc) and content.

  5. The sub-reseller is responsible for customized content, setting up billing packages, and creating an account upgrade page for collecting automated payments (if needed).

  6. The sub-reseller portal will be billable at the rate of one Gold level account.
  7. Each month, you will be charged for the billable accounts and features enabled by each of your sub-resellers. The sub-reseller accounts count towards your minimal monthly payment.