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Last Updated: Feb 10, 2014 04:02AM EST

A. Access your seller account

1. Set the email account used inside Account > User Management at 2Checkout to be forwarded to those two addresses:

  • (this is the system address processing the payment emails. It verifies the format of the email and applies the upgrade / sends an email to the customer.
  • an email address which you will receive (so you can get a copy of each payment notification).

Alternatively, if you don't want to forward the primary email address to the two email addresses above, you can add a rule in your mail server to forward all emails only sent by the payment processor domain to
2. Create your products (i.e the paid plans you will sell), and generate payment buttons for them. Please check detailed instructions on creating your 2Checkout buttons here.
3. Add the buttons to your 'account_upgrade.html' page, and any other pages you decide.
4. Add this snippet to the bottom of your account_upgrade.html page, and any other pages containing 2Checkout payment buttons.
5. Add the text below to your Account Upgrade page (2Checkout requirement):

* Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by <your company name here>.


B: Test the setup.

After you completed Step 1, published all pages you updated and applied all the needed settings, you may now test whether the automated payments are correctly set up and working. You may test with a real Credit card and cancel the subscriptions/payments right after that - your credit card will not be charged when cancellation is immediate.

  1. sign up a test account from your reseller portal
  2. go to My Account > Change plan and try purchasing each of the packages from your Account Upgrade page. Try any of the packages, with either of the payment options you've set up.
  3. after the purchase your test account should get automatically upgraded (you may verify that from Sites view of the reseller Manage Accounts area, or from My Account panel for the test account), and a successful purchase email will be sent to the email of registration

If your first test payment does not automatically apply the upgrade - please contact us before proceeding with the next one.

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