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Create Subscribe buttons with PayPal & 2CO

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2014 12:36PM EST

A. Create PayPal payment buttons

1. Login with your account at PayPal.

2. Go to Merchant Services from the top navigation

3. From the Merchant Services section, select Create payment buttons for your website.

​4. In the Create PayPal payment button properties window > Step 1, enter the following:

  • Choose a button type: Subscriptions
  • Item Name: the name of the package
  • Subscription ID: the Code of the package
  • Currency: the currency in which your package is configured
  • Recurring amount to be billed: the price of the package
  • Billing cycle: 1/mo for monthly packages, 1/year for annual packages
  • After how many cycles should billing stop?: leave -- (no ending)
  • Try to bill a customer again after a failed attempt?: Yes
  • Offer a trial to your subscribers: leave unchecked, the trial is taken care of by the WebForce system
  • Merchant ID for purchase transactions: choose Secure merchant account ID if you need to hide your email (recommended), or plain text email address

5. In Step 2 - DESELECT  "Save button at PayPal" (not stored at Paypal)

6. (Optional) In Step 3 select Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout: . Enter the URL of a thank-you page you created on your portal site.
6.1. (Optional) In Step 3 select "Take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout" point your customers to a specific page in case they decide to cancel the upgrade process on Paypal's end.

7. IMPORTANT - If you are using Paypal's IPN with other services in addition to WebForce, in the "Add advanced variables" box, you must add your listener url prefixed with "notify_url=" as follows:


(e.g. notify_url= )

*If you are using Paypal's IPN only with WebForce, and it has been configured globally to use a certain listener url, you don't have to specify a listener url in the button configuration

8. Click Create Button. The HTML code for the button will be displayed. Click the Remove Code Protection button, and then copy the code.

9. Add an HTML snippet at the Account Upgrade page (where you listed all plans available for purchase) on your site and paste the button code into the snippet.


B. Create 2Checkout payment buttons

1. Login with your account at (the instructions are for their Classic admin area)
2. Go to p.4 Set Up Products 
3. From the links on top right select New Recurring Product
4. In the Product Properties enter the following:

  • Your Product ID: enter the package Code
  • Name: the Name of your package
  • Description: optional, may be left empty
  • Price: enter the price of your package
  • Leave Start Up Fee, Weight and Handling empty
  • Tangible: No
  • Pending URL: leave empty
  • Approved URL: enter the URL of a thank you page created on your reseller portal. To this page the customers will be directed after successful payment.
  • Recurrence: Bills every 1 Month or Year, depending on whether you create a button for a monthly or annual package
  • Duration: select Continue Billing Forever
  • Product complete: Yes

Click Create Recurring Product to complete the product setup. You will be taken to a page for adding more buttons. Click Back to products at the top left to go to the list of products. Find the product you created and click HTML. Copy the HTML code displayed below title: Button for a single quantity of item.

Add an HTML snippet on your Account Upgrade page, and paste the button code there. Your 2Checkout payment button will be displayed.

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