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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014 10:27AM EDT
Defines management of authentication tokens. Some API calls may be used only with a valid auth_token parameter. Otherwise the API calls will result into a denied access response. A value which is valid for an auth_token is the logged user's session ID. The session ID can be fetched by SK.Singletons.env.get( 'session_id' ).

  • auth_token
  • name
  • extra - specifies database permissions for the current token. The tokens can be related to the following groups of API calls:

1. Database operations (db.*). The structure is the following:
   "db_permissions": [
         "databases": [ "", "", ... ], /* If this is ['*'] then it applies to all databases owned by the user */
         "permissions": {          /* At least one of the possible permission flags below should be available */
            "get": <0 or 1>,       /* Read data */
            "update": <0 or 1>,    /* Update cells */
            "add": <0 or 1>,       /* Add rows, columns, databases */
            "remove": <0 or 1>,    /* Remove rows, columns, databases */
            "alter": <0 or 1>      /* Change database components' meta information —
                                      adding/updating/removing databases/virtual databases/columns */
         "databases": [ "<....>", "<...>", ... ],
         "permissions": { ... }

2. Stock images (site.stock_images.*). The structure is the following:
   "stock_images": "0" or "1"                // "1" means "enabled"

Adds a new authentication token for the user who owns the passed auth_token. If a database ID exists on several places in the "databases" array, the permissions are overlapped in the order the database ID exists.
Returns a hash with information about the token:
   "id": "",
   "token": "",
   "name": "",
   "extra": {...the information you've placed...}

  • auth_token
  • token_id - the "id" of the token
Returns information about the given token_id.
Returns a hash like access.add.

  • auth_token
Returns all authentication tokens for the owner of the auth_token.
Returns an array of hashes. Each of the hash structures has the same structure as the returned value of access.add.

  • auth_token
  • token_id
  • meta — a hash with the following keys (at least one of them should exist) — name, extra. The semantic of the values for these keys is the same as for access.add
Updates the meta information of a given token.
Returns the same as for access.add

  • auth_token
  • token_id
Removes a given token by its ID.
Returns only error code.

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